reusable drinking straws

Movement against plastic is growing stronger each day.  Although true, that plastic is one of the greatest invention of human kind, it is also true that along with its benefits comes a huge cost: plastic pollution.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and at the rate it is produced, it will fill up our landfills at a greater rate than we can handle it (even with our recycling programs that start failing).

As with every other movement on the planet, it started somewhere. It starts small, but with enough will and energy it grows. Our job right now is to provide that energy so that it will never go out and add enough fuel so it will spread.

SIMPLE ANSWER: yes, as long as you use your reusable straw twice, that means 1 less disposable plastic straw in the landfill


  • What kind of straw your using
  • How long you use it for

If you use highly biodegradable straws (such as bamboo) they will almost have no impact on the environment. After a one or two years of use they will compost easily. 

If you're using metal, glass or silicone, you will have to use it many times to offset the impact on the environment.  Stainless steel straws are very durable and they will last long time. They can be easily recycled. 

Glass straws depend on the type of glass that is used.  Tempered or Pyrex, although tough and hard to break is not easily recyclable everywhere.  Therefore you need to use those a long time to have positive impact on the environment. 

Silicone straws also can be filed under "that depends" folder.  True silicone is easily biodegradable and can even be burnt to have it decomposed.  However most straws on the market are not 100% silicone, that would include our coupleDots silicone straws that have small content of rubber to make them sturdy for thick drinks.  Once again, that is alright as long as they're used long enough to offset the plastic pollution.

COST: This is a personal choice you have to make.  

 So, is all the trouble and all the money worth it?  As far as I'm concerned: yes. 

"It's only 1 straw"
     -8 billion people

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