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Nablus Soap: The Authentic Palestine Soap Bar

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Two Keys
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Discover the untouched purity of the age-old tradition encapsulated in our handcrafted Nablus Soap. Originating from the heart of Palestine, this timeless beauty secret has transcended generations, offering more than just a cleanse. It's a tribute to the ancient art of soap-making, a gentle whisper of the past in your daily skincare routine.

Age-Old Authenticity

Experience a cherished tradition from the heart of Palestine with our authentic Nablus Soap. Handcrafted following ancient methodologies, this soap not only cleanses but narrates a tale of time-tested quality. Its rich history is a testament to the meticulous care and natural ingredients that promise a gentle yet effective cleanse.

Unveiling Nature’s Best

At the core of Nablus Soap is the purity of olive oil, an ingredient revered for centuries for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. This natural elixir works tirelessly to hydrate and soothe your skin, unveiling a smoother, more radiant complexion with every wash. It's more than a soap—it's a gentle invitation to experience nature's best.

A Gentle Embrace

Indulge in a luxurious lather that feels like a soft embrace on your skin. The gentle caress of our Nablus Soap leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and pure. Its mild, earthy aroma transports you to serene olive groves, providing a calming retreat for your senses amidst the daily hustle.


The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين)

The Two Keys imprint hails from the historic Touqan family workshop nestled in the heart of Nablus. Boasting a lineage that stretches back over 800 years, their original factory and family company stand as esteemed institutions of Palestine, prominently located in the core of Nablus’ old city. While al-Jamal enjoys a broad international acclaim, the Two Keys imprint basks in local fame, particularly celebrated for the generous size of their soap bars, which on average, tower over those of other brands in size. The heartland of Two Keys' market lies in central Palestine, particularly flourishing in the regions enveloping Nablus.

The Land (al-Ard; الأرض)

'The Land' is a cherished creation by the Women's Soap Co-operative of Beita, nestled just south of Nablus. Emerging as the newest gem among Nablus soap brands, al-Ard stands as a true testament to quality and tradition. Their methodology, rooted in crafting relatively small batches, establishes a close nexus with many local small producers, ensuring the olive oil employed is often unparalleled in quality. Unlike other brands that rely on gas or wood-burning furnaces for soap production, this cooperative embraces modernity with its all stainless steel, electrically-run equipment, marrying tradition with contemporary precision.

The Olive (al-Zaytoon; الزيتون)

From the Tbeleih family's Nablus Soap Company, dating to the 1600s.

Theirs is the only soap made with certified organic olive oil. Like The Land, it is certified Fair Trade as well.

The Camel (al-Jamal; الجمل)

The Camel / al-Jamal, made in the Shaka'a family-owned workshop in Nablus, is the most iconic imprint of Nablus soap --- often people refer to 'al-Jamal soap' to mean Nablus soap in the same way that people talk of Jacuzzi for hot tubs or Xerox for copy machines. Its main market is in southern Palestine around Hebron. The imprint took its mascot from the camel trains used to carry in qilw soda ash and olive oil to Nablus from neighbouring countrysides.



pure olive oil, water, glycerine


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