Imagine reducing your overall footprint and helping the planet with just a few simple swaps. It may seem daunting or even impossible at first, but living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult.There are lots of accessible choices that you can make in order to lessen your environmental impact — one small step at a time. Here you'll find some of the easiest “eco swaps” that anybody can do no matter their busy schedule or budget constraints. 


The kitchen can be one of the most wasteful rooms in our homes, which also makes it the easiest to start with your zero waste journey.  Making a few small eco swaps in your kitchen is an easy first step. From switching away from plastic wrap and throw away sponges to using natural cleaning techniques, there are lots of simple changes that any household can make to start helping out the planet.


Like kitchen items, personal care area offers a wide range of possibilities to green up.  For example, switch your foaming plastic bottle hand soap for a natural soap bar, replace disposable razors with reusable ones made from stainless steel or other metals that won’t end up in a landfill. Additionally, replacing plastic brushes with wooden combs or boar bristle brushes that are easy to clean is an excellent alternative and makes for a much greener beauty routine. Taking just one of these steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle can make a significant difference in reducing carbon emissions and preserving our planet for generations to come.


Leaving the house is a perfect opportunity to show off your “reusables”. Reusable water bottles and coffee cups, beeswax food wrap instead of single-use plastic wrap, unpackaged snack options like a piece of fruit instead of a packaged one - all are simple changes that mean less waste headed for landfills or even our ocean.“On the go” swaps are really easy to make and you almost certainly own most of these items already; but just check out our collection if you want to amp up your eco arsenal for an active lifestyle!