Our Shipping

At EcoFreax we pursue a sustainable shipping strategy that takes the environment into account. There are many ways to ship in an eco-friendly way. 

Since carton boxes can only be recycled a number of times, we reduce our environmental impact by reusing boxes. We scout around for boxes that are destined for landfill and give them a new life and purpose possibly one more time. Because of that you may sometimes see a plastic tape on your shipment, we figured since it’s already there there is no point in replacing it with a new paper tape.

In addition, we use paper tape instead of plastic tape helping reduce the amount of plastic waste produced during shipping. That tape may be recycled together with your box  

Finally, we also ship carbon neutral by offsetting our emissions with a carbon credits program. For every shipment we ship we pay a fraction to a Planet program that automatically calculates our shipping emissions, and ensures high-quality carbon removal to neutralize our shipping footprint.