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We have created this online eco friendly marketplace to provide you with zero waste alternatives to your daily plastic disposables. Our mission is to help you eliminate single-use plastics and guide you on your journey into a more conscious, eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste way of living. We are your Canadian based online resource for your eco friendly home .

We offer a wide variety of organic cleaning products, all natural and organic skincare and hair care items, sustainable gifts for your environmentally conscious friends, non-toxic laundry products and anything to make your home greener. We believe in products being of high quality, reasonably priced and keeping fair trade in mind. We also love supporting our local (Canadian) makers and carry a big selection of handmade eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, zero-waste products to support our local communities from across Canada. As we have been searching the world to bring you different alternatives, we have taken many things into consideration.

Not everyone is at the same stage of their eco, sustainable, zero-waste journey. Some of you would only be looking for products that are organic but packaged in recycled plastic and that is fine too. We would not want to omit you in our choices of products. We got something for everyone! When you shop with us, you contribute to a better future for all of us and many generations to come. We also offer wholesale of some of our products to Canadian and American businesses, we are suppliers to many online and eco friendly stores across North America.

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