Include Brand The Earthling Co. Intro

The Earthling Co. is a brand that focuses on making eco-friendly products easy, effective, and affordable. They create mindfully crafted, efficient products that are safe for you, the planet, and everyone that calls it home.

Baased in Colorardo, US The Earthling Co. was created in response to our world’s wasteful habits. They realized the products we use consistently in our routines are wasteful, harmful, and sometimes, inefficient. They're trying to influence more conscious creation and consumption of everyday products and shift our daily routines for good.

Sustainability is not just aonother catch phrase at Earthling Co.  They are constantly weighing multiple factors when it comes to sustainability – for example, cutting out manufacturing processes and ingredients that are toxic to humans and the environment, considering the shipping weight of glass vs. aluminum, evaluating the recyclability of their packaging choices, reducing the use of virgin materials, and choosing non-petroleum-based inks for their labels. 

Putting money where their mouth is. The Earthling Co. is proud to be a Climate Neutral Certified business – this means that they measure ALL of the carbon they emit through every single business activity and operation, offset those emissions, and have a plan in place for reducing future emissions. Also, they are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a network through which they donate a combination of monetary, in-kind and promotional support directly to environmental nonprofits.