Include Brand BKIND Intro

BKIND born in 2014 in Montreal is a brand that finds its roots in the consciousness of everything surrounding us - This value combined with their passion for natural skincare makes BKIND a company that offers natural products that are effective and high quality.

Their mission is simple: BKIND [Be Kind] to everything, be respectful and thoughtful to everything around us.  BKIND backs it up with choosing only natural and high quality ingredients for their skincare and beauty products. They donate 2% of their sales to different animal welfare organizations, so every time you buy their product you support animal shelters. BKIND is a Leaping Bunny Program certified company, meaning their products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. Also, some of their tubes are made from OceanBoundPlastic. Plastic found during cleaning of water shores.

BKIND’s best selling line of products include konjac facial sponges, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, non-toxic nail polish, face moisturizers, wooden hair brush, face and body scrub, hand and lip balms.  If you’re looking for high quality and all natural skin or hair care products, BKIND is certainly a brand to try.