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Green Cleaning

Leave your stomach full and a thrush bin empty

with these desposible plastic lunch alternatives making lunch is easy and fun ... did you know that using reusable food containers will encourage you to make your own lunch?
You know what that means, right? Yes. Healthier food choices.
It's a win-win.


Goodbye lonely coffee cups doomed to the life of ending up in a landfill - hello stainless steel bottle that's always ready for adventure! Goodbye single-use plastics - hello beautiful water bottle that my friends will envy. Let's make this change together - it'll be fun and way better for the environment!


Goodbye plastic cutlery, it's been fun while it lasted. You've seen our in-flight meals uneaten, our picnic pasta lunches served, and maybe just a naive scoop of cereal at breakfast - there's no denying that you've been loyal companion throughout these scrumptious journeys.
But now the tides of change are upon us! We must accept the inevitable and bid you a fond farewell as we eagerly lurch towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle with reusable bamboo cutlery and spork.