Every plastic toothbrush ever created still exists...

Every plastic toothbrush ever created still exists.  Every plastic toothbrush you have ever owned is still out there, somewhere……

A toothbrush is a great first and easiest swab on your zero-waste journey.  Would swapping it for a bamboo toothbrush be an option for you?

Well not all the bamboo toothbrushes that are out on the market today are not 100% compostable as most of the bristles are not made the old traditional way……out of pig hair!!!  Yeah, that kind of freaks me out!  That is why our coupleDots bamboo toothbrushes are made with Nylon-4 bristles (Nylon-4 is a material which is biodegradable under certain conditions). 

Pig hair has been used to make toothbrushes up until the ‘40s, but now days not very many of us would consider swapping plastic toothbrush for bamboo knowing the origin of the bristles.

I think it is safe to say that coupleDots bamboo toothbrushes are 90% compostable.  To properly dispose of your bamboo toothbrush, you will need to remove the bristles.  They can be easily done with a pair of pliers and the bamboo stick can be used in many ways.  Want to shoot me a message and share your ideas?  How did you reuse your toothbrush bamboo stick?

But before you even get to composting it, keep your toothbrushes for small cleaning jobs!  It works great to clean the vents in your car, corners in your shower, drain in your kitchen sink….

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