Bags, bags, reusable ziplock bags…

You may wonder why something so small can make such a big difference when looking at the global picture of waste and pollution. 

Did you know that on average you are using around 500 single-use plastic snack bags a year! Multiply this by the number of houses on your street…what number did you come up with?

That is a lot of single-use plastic bags that could end up in the landfill.  Even if you are only looking at it from the economical angle, buying things that you will immediately throw away is just a bad financial decision.  So why would you want to spend your hard-earned money only to throw it away?

Thankfully, you can now save your money, landfill, and oceans with this set of 12 reusable eko+co. ziplock bags.  Such a small, simple swap can make such big impact.

You are probably wondering what I could use these bags for.  Well let me give you some ideas: snack bags, freezer storage bags, fridge storage bags, cupboard storage bags, good for fruits and vegetables, travelling you can use it for: makeup, hair accessories, toiletries, personal hygiene, medication, passports, crayons, use them to store seeds for the next season, store your reusable face masks and the list goes on. 

Best part ever, lighten your load on the next trip to your favorite refillery (bulk store).  Instead of lugging a big bag of empty mason jars and containers take your reusable set of ziplock bags! 

No need to thank me for all these awesome ideas!  Are you ready for the swap?

These awesome reusable ziplock bags are shipping across Canada and USA from London, Ontario.  We also got them available for wholesale! 

If you are interested in carrying these ziplock bags in your environmentally friendly stores, eco stores, eco grocery stores (supermarkets), eco farmers’ markets, refillaries, apothecaries please head over to our wholesale section and fill out our enquiry form. 


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